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Corrosion of simulated nuclear waste glass

musić, Svetozar; Ristić, Mira; Gotić, Marijan; Forić, Jasmin
Corrosion of simulated nuclear waste glass // Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 122 (1988), 1; 91-102 doi:0.1007/BF02037168 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Corrosion of simulated nuclear waste glass

Musić, Svetozar ; Ristić, Mira ; Gotić, Marijan ; Forić, Jasmin

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (0236-5731) 122 (1988), 1; 91-102

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Nuclear waste glass; Corrosion; water; borosilicate glasses; nuclear waste oxides;

Glasses are suitable host matrices for the immobilization of high-level radioactive wastes. The corrosion behaviour of nuclear waste glass in water is of considerable importance, since a potential route for returning of radionuclides to the biosphere is their leaching from the waste form into groundwater and subsequent transport by the groundwater to the surface. In this study, the preparation and characterization of borosilicate glasses of different chemical composition were investigated. Borosilicate glasses were doped with simulated nuclear waste oxides. The chemical corrosion in water of these glasses was followed by measuring the leach rates (g·cm-2·day-1), as a function of time. It was found that a simulated nuclear waste glass with the chemical composition (weight %), 15.61% Na2O, 10.39% B2O3, 45.31% SiO2, 13.42% ZnO, 6.61% TiO2 and 8.66% waste oxides, is characterized by low melting temperature and with good corrosion resistance in water. Influence of passive layers on the leaching behaviour of nuclear waste glasses is discussed.

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