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Metal Complex Dyes of Nickel with Schiff Bases

Papić, Sanja; Koprivanac, Natalija; Grabarić, Zorana; Parac Osterman, Đurđica
Metal Complex Dyes of Nickel with Schiff Bases // Dyes and Pigments, 25 (1994), 3; 229-240 doi:10.1016/0143-7208(94)85012-7 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Metal Complex Dyes of Nickel with Schiff Bases

Papić, Sanja ; Koprivanac, Natalija ; Grabarić, Zorana ; Parac Osterman, Đurđica

Dyes and Pigments (0143-7208/94) 25 (1994), 3; 229-240

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Metal complex dyes; Schiff bases

Nickel complexes with Schiff bases 2-(2-pyridylmethyleneamino)phenol (PMAP) and 2-(2-quinolylmethyleneamino)phenol (QMAP) were prepared and the composition of the crystalline complexes was determined by elemental analyses, solubilita, UV/VIS, IR and mass spectrometry. It was found that, for the Ni-PMAP complex , two ligands were bonded to one metal ion, giving a neutral complex with one molecule of water probably bonded in inner sphere of the complex. With QMAP, nickel forms cationic complexes with a meta-to-ligand ratio of 2:2 and two moleculesof acetate as anions. The solution properties of Ni-QMAP were investigated at different pH. The chromophoric properties of the complex were enhanced with increase inpH, while stability decreased with time. The application of QMAP as a spectrophotometric reagent for the determination of small amounts of nickel was investigated. Adherence to Beer s law was observed from0, 00 to 5, 00 micro g/ml at pH 8, the most appropriate pH in respect to sensitivity and acceptable time stability of the complexes. Dyeing properties of both complexes were investigated on polyamide 66 and the influence of the addition of another phenyl ring to the ligand molecule on the dyeing properties of the complex is discused.

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Fakultet kemijskog inženjerstva i tehnologije, Zagreb

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