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Synthesis, Application and Biodegradation of a Chromium Azomethine Dye

Grabarić, Zorana; Koprivanac, Natalija; Papić, Sanja; Parac-Osterman, Đurđica; Matanić, Hajdi
Synthesis, Application and Biodegradation of a Chromium Azomethine Dye // Dyes and Pigments, 23 (1993), 4; 255-265 doi:10.1016/0143-7208(93)80040-8 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Synthesis, Application and Biodegradation of a Chromium Azomethine Dye

Grabarić, Zorana ; Koprivanac, Natalija ; Papić, Sanja ; Parac-Osterman, Đurđica ; Matanić, Hajdi

Dyes and Pigments (0143-7208/94) 23 (1993), 4; 255-265

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Metal complexes; chromium azomethine dye;
(Metal complexes; chromium azomethine dye)

The synthesis of the chromium complex of 2-(2-pyridylmethyleneamino)-phenol is described. The results of elemental analysis, IR and mass spectrometry indicated that the metal-to-ligand ratio of the complex was 1 : 2 The solution properties of the complex in methanol/water (volume ratio 0, 1)at constant temperature and different pHs were determined spectrophotometrically. It was found that the stoichiometry of the complex in solution was the same as in the solid state, i.e. ML2. The chromium dye was used for wool dyeing and studies were made for the estimation of the stability of the bonding between the dye and wool at pH 4, 5 and 5.5. The possibility of biodegradation of the chromium azomethine dye was investigated using mixed bacterioal culture isolated from leather tanning waste water. Experiments carried out in submerged culture at pH 7, 2 in two different culture media with c (dye) = 0, 35mM showed satisfactory decoloration of the solution.

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Fakultet kemijskog inženjerstva i tehnologije, Zagreb

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