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Vagal stimulation in treatment of epilepsy

Pirker, Ninoslav; Paladino, Josip; Rotim, Krešimir; Hajnšek, Sanja; Poljaković, Zdravka; Gubarev, Nikola
Vagal stimulation in treatment of epilepsy // Neurologia Croatica / Zurak, N ; Brinar, V ; Mejaški-Bošnjak, V (ur.).
Zagreb: Neurologia Croatica, 2000. (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, stručni)

Vagal stimulation in treatment of epilepsy

Pirker, Ninoslav ; Paladino, Josip ; Rotim, Krešimir ; Hajnšek, Sanja ; Poljaković, Zdravka ; Gubarev, Nikola

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Sažeci sa skupova, sažetak, stručni

Neurologia Croatica / Zurak, N ; Brinar, V ; Mejaški-Bošnjak, V - Zagreb : Neurologia Croatica, 2000

4 th Croatian Symposium of epilepsies

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Zagreb, Hrvatska, 2000

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Vagal stimulation; epilepsy

Seven patients with complex partial epilepsy and secondary generalisation were treated from 1996 at Department of Neurology School of Medicine Zagreb. In spite of wide administration of modern anticonvulsant therapy, frequency of epileptic seisures did not decrease in these patients. Surgical treatment remained the only possible method. Based on EEG data of multiple epileptic foci, classical cortical resection was not indicated. Because the eletrical stimulation in past ten years showed good results in treatment of medicamentous intractable epilepsy, NCP vagal stimulation unit (Cyberonics) was implanted in all patients. In early postoperative stage we noticed regular recovery without postoperative complications. Significant decrease of epileptic seizures in all patients was observed in 9 to 36 months follow up period followed by lesser necessity of anticonvulsant drug administration. Psychologic examinations showed marked improvement in four patients. In properly selected patients vagal stimulation could be the method of choice in tratment of medicamentous intractable epilepsy.

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