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Giant anterior sacral meningocele in a previously healthy adult

Miletić, D.; Poljak, I.; Eškinja, N.; Valković, P.; Šestan, Branko; Trošelj-Vukić, Biserka
Giant anterior sacral meningocele in a previously healthy adult // Abstracts of the ..... ; u: Orthopedics 31 (2008) (2), 2008. str. 182-182 (poster, sažetak, znanstveni)

Giant anterior sacral meningocele in a previously healthy adult

Miletić, D. ; Poljak, I. ; Eškinja, N. ; Valković, P. ; Šestan, Branko ; Trošelj-Vukić, Biserka

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Abstracts of the ..... ; u: Orthopedics 31 (2008) (2) / - , 2008, 182-182

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Anterior sacral meningocele; adult

Meningocele may be asymptomatic and incidentally discovered. Presenting as a retrorectal mass, sacral meningocele may produce urinary, rectal, and menstrual pain. Anterior sacral meningocele may be the cause of tethered cord syndrome. This article presents a case of a previously healthy 39-year-old man with large meningeal herniation that occupied the entire pelvis who developed symptoms of bacterial meningitis. A 39-year-old man was admitted with fever, chills, headache and photophobia. Escherichia coli was isolated from cerebrospinal fluid culture. Moderate improvement regarding meningeal symptoms was noted due to intravenous antibiotic therapy, but intense pain in the lower back associated with constipation, fecal and urinary incontinence, and saddle anesthesia developed. Abdominal ultrasound was negative. Plain radiographs and computed tomography demonstrated sacral bone defect and retrorectal expansive mass. MRI confirmed anterior sacral meningocele with cord tethering. After posterior laminectomy and dural opening, communication between meningocele and intrathecal compartment was obliterated. Computed tomography-guided percutaneous drainage through the ischiorectal fossa was performed to treat residual presacral cyst. Delayed diagnosis in our patient was related to misleading signs of bacterial meningitis without symptoms of intrapelvic expansion until the second week of illness. In our patient, surgical treatment was unavoidable due to resistive meningitis, acute back pain, and symptoms of space-occupying pelvic lesion. Neurosurgical approach was successful in treatment of meningitis and neurological disorders. Computed tomography-guided evacuation of the residual retrorectal cyst was less invasive than laparotomy, resulting in normalization of defecation and miction despite incomplete evacuation. Further follow-up studies may provide insight into the most effective treatment of such conditions.

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