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Reproductive toxicity of metals in men

Pizent, Alica; Tariba, Blanka; Živković, Tanja
Reproductive toxicity of metals in men // ARHIV ZA HIGIJENU RADA I TOKSIKOLOGIJU, 63 (2012), Supplement 1; 35-46 doi:10.2478/10004-1254-63-2012-2151 (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Reproductive toxicity of metals in men

Pizent, Alica ; Tariba, Blanka ; Živković, Tanja

ARHIV ZA HIGIJENU RADA I TOKSIKOLOGIJU (0004-1254) 63 (2012), Supplement 1; 35-46

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Human semen quality; metals; metalloids; metal interactions; sex hormones

A combination of genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors has been indicated to contribute to the observed deterioration of the reproductive health in men. Metals are pervasive in our environment, as well as in food, water, air, tobacco smoke and alcohol beverages. Experimental studies suggested adverse effects on male reproductive function for the most of examined metals. However, data relevant to human exposure to metals are scanty. This review is a summary of previous epidemiologic studies on the effects of metal exposure on reproductive function in men. A particular emphasis is given to studies considering influence of concomitant exposure to various metals, lifestyle factors and their interaction on reproductive outcomes. Other factors that can modify those outcomes are identified and discussed. Adverse effects of lead and mercury on certain reproductive parameters, and cadmium on prostate impairment and serum testosterone levels, even at moderate- to low-level exposure have been generally supported. Impairment of semen quality and altered serum hormone levels by manganese is less well documented. Less consistent evidence indicated that arsenic and chromium might adversely affect male reproductive system, whereas no clear evidence that boron exposure impairs reproductive health in men was found. There were only a few studies appropriately adjusted for potential confounders. Future studies should consider the contribution of combined exposure to various metals and/or other factors that may influence individual susceptibility to reproductive health impairment in men.

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022-0222411-2408 - Učinci toksičnih i esencijalnih metala na reprodukcijsko zdravlje muškaraca (Alica Pizent, )

Institut za medicinska istraživanja i medicinu rada, Zagreb

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