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Soluble CD137 in patients with infectious mononucleosis

Svoboda, Petra; Tadin, Ante; Đaković Rode, Oktavija; Markotić, Alemka
Soluble CD137 in patients with infectious mononucleosis // Abstract book - 9th TATRA Immunology Conference
Štrbske Pleso, Slovačka, 2010. (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Soluble CD137 in patients with infectious mononucleosis

Svoboda, Petra ; Tadin, Ante ; Đaković Rode, Oktavija ; Markotić, Alemka

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Abstract book - 9th TATRA Immunology Conference / - , 2010

9th TATRA Immunology Conference

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Štrbske Pleso, Slovačka, 4.–8. rujan 2010

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Soluble CD137; infectious mononucleosis; EBV; ELISA; immunology

Soluble form of CD137 (sCD137) is present in low concentrations in sera of healthy people and few studies suggest that it is elevated in sera of patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, acute coronary syndrome and acute myeloid leukemia. Activated lymphocytes release sCD137 and its level negatively correlates with lymphocyte proliferation and positively with the degree of programmed cell death. In this study we started from the hypothesis that in sera of patients with infectious mononucleosis we can expect increased levels of sCD137 in the acute phase of illness, as one indicator of apoptosis. The sCD137 concentrations in sera of patients with EBV were significantly increased compared to the controls, measured by ELISA. Concentrations of sCD137 in sera of patients analyzed in acute phase and in paired sera showed a decline to minimum values measured in acute phase, which are however still higher than the median value in the control group. Correlation of the sCD137 concentrations with AST and ALT values in sera of patients were significant. Based on the obtained data we can assume that sCD137 may have an immunoregulatory role during acute EBV infection and colud mediate apoptosis in T-lymphocytes.

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143-1430115-0103 - Imunoreakcije na hantaviruse i leptospire (Alemka Markotić, )

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