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Photophysical Property of Photoactive Molecules with Multibranched Push-Pull Structures

Wang, Yingying; Ma, Xiaonan; Vdović, Silvije; Yan, Linyin; Wang, Xuefei; Guo, Qianjin; Xia, Andong
Photophysical Property of Photoactive Molecules with Multibranched Push-Pull Structures // Chinese journal of chemical physics, 24 (2011), 563-571 doi:10.1088/1674-0068/24/05/563-571 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Photophysical Property of Photoactive Molecules with Multibranched Push-Pull Structures

Wang, Yingying ; Ma, Xiaonan ; Vdović, Silvije ; Yan, Linyin ; Wang, Xuefei ; Guo, Qianjin ; Xia, Andong

Chinese journal of chemical physics (1003-7713) 24 (2011); 563-571

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Branched intramolecular charge transfer molecule; Fluorescence decay; Femtosecond time-resolved stimulated emission fluorescence depletion; Steady-state excitation anisotropy

The structure-property characteristics of a series of newly synthesized intramolecular charge- transfer (ICT) compounds, single-branch monomer with triphenylmethane as electron donor and 2, 1, 3-benzothiadiazole as acceptor, the corresponding two-branch dimer and three- branch trimer, have been investigated by means of steady-state and femtosecond time- resolved stimulated emission fluorescence depletion (FS TR-SEP FD) techniques in different polar solvents. The TD-DFT calculations are further performed to explain the observed ICT properties. The interpretation of the experimental results is based on the comparative studies of the series of compounds which have increased amount of identical branch moiety. The similarity of the absorption and fluorescence spectra as well as strong solvent-dependence of the spectral properties for the three compounds reveal that the excited state of the dimer and trimer are nearly the same with that of the monomer, which may localize on one branch. It is found that polar excited state emerged through multidimensional intramolecular charge transfer from the donating moiety to the acceptor upon excitation, and quickly relaxed to one branch before emission. Even so, the red-shift in the absorption and emission spectra and decreased fluorescence radiative lifetime with respect to their monomer counterpart still suggest some extent delocalization of excited state in the dimer and trimer upon excitation. The similar behavior of their excited ICT state is demonstrated by FS TR-SEP FD measurements, and shows that the trimer has the largest charge-separate extent in all studied three samples. Finally, steady-state excitation anisotropy measurements has further been carried out to estimate the nature of the optical excitation and the mechanism of energy redistribution among the branches, where no plateau through the ICT band suggests the intramolecular excitation transfer process between the branches in dimer and trimer.

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035-0352851-2857 - Femtosekundna laserska fizika atoma i molekula (Goran Pichler, )

Institut za fiziku, Zagreb

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Silvije Vdović, (262040)

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