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Integrated teaching - Project in primary school elective art classes

Tomljenović, Zlata; Novaković, Svetlana
Integrated teaching - Project in primary school elective art classes // Metodički obzori, 7 (2012), 1; 119-134 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Integrated teaching - Project in primary school elective art classes

Tomljenović, Zlata ; Novaković, Svetlana

Metodički obzori (1846-1484) 7 (2012), 1; 119-134

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Project teaching; integrated teaching; constructivism; art classes; teaching strategies; elective class; correlation; interdisciplinary approach

Contemporary educational concepts advocate for interdisciplinary/integrative approach to teaching in order to generate operable knowledge applicable in life situations, as opposed to the mere memorizing of facts. Project teaching that is based on research and dealing with concepts within different subjects and disciplines as well as detecting and resolving problems through students’ independent research work is one of the forms of integrated teaching. This paper presents theoretical background of integrated/project teaching and two examples of implementing project teaching during elective art class in the higher grades of elementary school as an alternative approach to teaching, which is in the contemporary school practice expected to carry out experiential and problem solving learning, as well as encourage independence and active participation of students. The results of implementing projects in art classes indicate a greater student motivation for work, developing social skills and self-confidence, active participation in the teaching process in addition to better quality and long-term acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

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