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Modeling of the sonochemical reactors for the mineralization of pollutants in water

Grčić, Ivana; Papić, Sanja; Koprivanac, Natalija
Modeling of the sonochemical reactors for the mineralization of pollutants in water // 8th European Congress of Chemical Engineering (ECCE 8)
Berlin, Njemačka, 2011. (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, neobjavljeni rad, znanstveni)

Modeling of the sonochemical reactors for the mineralization of pollutants in water

Grčić, Ivana ; Papić, Sanja ; Koprivanac, Natalija

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Sažeci sa skupova, neobjavljeni rad, znanstveni

8th European Congress of Chemical Engineering (ECCE 8)

Mjesto i datum
Berlin, Njemačka, 25-29.09.2011.

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Wastewater treatment; sonochemical reactors; modeling

Modelling of the sonochemical reactors represents a great challenge due to the issues related to the experimental investigation and description of the primary effects of the ultrasound. The main idea presented in this work was to find and establish an algorithm consisted of the viable laboratory analyses and basic elements of chemical reaction engineering. Proposed approach is characterized by the following ; ultrasound was investigated as an auxiliary source of energy and kinetic constants determined for basic oxidation reaction, i.e. Fenton type oxidation were treated as independent of the ultrasound. Global parameter of the ultrasound exploitation (GPUE) was introduced in the kinetic model and expressed as coefficient eUS. Coefficient eUS has been modelled as a function of the employed frequency, calorimetric power of the transducer, portion of the active zone – dimensionless active volume simulated on the basis of pressure field analysis, and the average temperature in the reactor. Lumped system has been assumed. In order to obtain all the necessary data, the experimental study included different sets of experiments. The kinetics of the sonochemical processes, e.g. US/Fe2+/H2O2, US/Fe2+/S2O8 2-, US/Fe2+/HSO5 - was investigated in the term of a mineralization of the model wastewaters containing different types of organic pollutants. Model reactions were then chosen to facilitate the determination of eUS. This refers to the Weissler dosimetry or persulfate decomposition upon sonication. Model reactions follow zeroth order kinetics thus can be used as a model reaction to harness all the primary effects and to establish the empirical correlation for eUS calculation. Finally, GPUE has been introduced in the adequate kinetic models and the overall model was validated.

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125-1253092-1981 - Obrada otpadnih voda naprednim oksidacijskim tehnologijama (Sanja Papić, )

Fakultet kemijskog inženjerstva i tehnologije, Zagreb