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Brucellosis in Turopolje pig breed in Croatia

Špičić, Silvio; Račić, Ivana; Zdelar - Tuk, Maja; Duvnjak, Sanja; Krt, Brane; Cvetnić, Željko
Brucellosis in Turopolje pig breed in Croatia // Brucellosis 2011 International Research Conference
Buenos Aires, 2011. str. 89-89 (poster, nije recenziran, sažetak, ostalo)

Brucellosis in Turopolje pig breed in Croatia

Špičić, Silvio ; Račić, Ivana ; Zdelar - Tuk, Maja ; Duvnjak, Sanja ; Krt, Brane ; Cvetnić, Željko

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Brucellosis 2011 International Research Conference / - Buenos Aires, 2011, 89-89

Brucellosis 2011 International Research Conference (Including the 64th Annual Brucellosis Research Conference)

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, 21-23.09.2011

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Brucellosis; Turopolje pig; Croatia; Brucella suis

Turopolje pig is an authentic Croatian primitive breed of pigs, formed during early Middle Ages on Sava river reaches, between cities of Zagreb and Sisak. The breed was economically significant at the turn of 19th century till the end of 2nd World War due to great export to countries of the former Austo-Hungarian monarchy. Today, there are only two big outdoor farmings of Turopolje pig left keeping it from extinction. Outdoor farming in oak forests with acorn, pasture and corn as feeding grounds have been the main characteristic of the breed. 436 blood samples of reproductive Turopolje pigs were serologically examined during 2008 and 2009. Positive Rose Bengal test reactions were detected in 82 blood samples, while 65 samples were concluded positive according to complement fixation test and 195 samples according to enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (Ingesim Brucella Porcina, Ingenasa, Spain). Organs of two boars, 20 sows and one fetus underwent bacteriological examinations during 2009. Brucella suis bv. 2 was isolated from one boar and one saw. These are the first recorded findings of brucellosis in Turopolje breed of pigs. Since brucellosis was already proven in wild boars inhabiting the same locations as Turopolje pigs, we can conclude that cohabitation and direct contact of these two breeds were the source of infection in Turopolje pigs. The results of our testing (high seroprevalence and bacteriologically positive results) prove successful survival of Turopolje pigs in spite of living in constant presence of brucellosis.

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048-0481153-1150 - Molekularna epizootiologija važnih bakterijskih zoonoza (Željko Cvetnić, )

Hrvatski veterinarski institut, Zagreb