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New procedure for determination of main technological parameters of rolling mill

Valíček, Jan; Müllerová, Jana; Szarková, Veronika; Rokosz, Krzysztof; Łukianowicz, Czesław; Kozak, Dražan; Końtial, Pavol; Harničárová, Marta
New procedure for determination of main technological parameters of rolling mill // ACEX2011-ABSTRACT BOOK / Öchsner, Andreas (ur.).
Algarve: Ironix, 2011. str. 162-163 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

New procedure for determination of main technological parameters of rolling mill

Valíček, Jan ; Müllerová, Jana ; Szarková, Veronika ; Rokosz, Krzysztof ; Łukianowicz, Czesław ; Kozak, Dražan ; Końtial, Pavol ; Harničárová, Marta

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ACEX2011-ABSTRACT BOOK / Öchsner, Andreas - Algarve : Ironix, 2011, 162-163

5th International Conference on Advanced Computational Engineering and Experimenting

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Algarve, Portugal, 04.-06.07.2011

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Automation; reduction; rolling force; determination of main technological parameters

Nowadays, approximately 90 to 95 % of materials are being processed by cold rolling. There has been a substantial increase in demand for utility properties as well as for reducing production costs. To achieve these goals can not be ensured without a high degree of automation, control and monitoring throughout the manufacturing process. These qualitative changes require deeper and more comprehensive theoretical and metallurgical – technological knowledge of operators in the field of design, research and production of rolled steel which are being needed for further development of rolling steel. A continuous quality control of material and surface during the rolling process is a part of these tasks and is being associated with providing of full automation of rolling mills. Following theoretical foundation, we develop a new procedure for determination of main technological parameters of rolling mill. A main difference of our proposal being compared to current methods of calculation is based on knowledge of deformation properties of materials and continuous processes of stress deformation state and according to a reduction in different stages of rolling. Current procedures are on the contrary based on static calculations which are based on the geometry of the system – working roll and instantaneous sheet metal thickness in a gap between cylinders. In doing so, the calculations almost ignore the real stress – deformation properties of rolled metal sheet, optimal transmission rate of deformation in the material at given speeds of cylinders and when given main rolling force. We emphasize the optimum balance system: main rolling force – rolling speeds, respectively transmission rate of deformation in the material. This procedure allows to achieve a significant increase in operational performance as well as the quality of rolling process.

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152-1201910-1909 - Analiza i procjena loma konstrukcija iz anizotropnih materijala (Dražan Kozak, )

Strojarski fakultet, Slavonski Brod

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Dražan Kozak, (190253)