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Trapping Surface Electrons on Graphene Layers and Islands

Niesner, Daniel; Fauster, Thomas; Dadap, Jerry I.; Knox, Kevin R.; Yeh, Po-Chun; Bandari, Rohan; Osgood, Richard M.; Petrović, Marin; Kralj, Marko
Trapping Surface Electrons on Graphene Layers and Islands // PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 85 (2012), 8; 081402-1 doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.85.081402 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Trapping Surface Electrons on Graphene Layers and Islands

Niesner, Daniel ; Fauster, Thomas ; Dadap, Jerry I. ; Knox, Kevin R. ; Yeh, Po-Chun ; Bandari, Rohan ; Osgood, Richard M. ; Petrović, Marin ; Kralj, Marko

PHYSICAL REVIEW B (1098-0121) 85 (2012), 8; 081402-1

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Graphene; image potential states

We report the use of time- and angle-resolved two-photon photoemission to map the bound, unoccupied electronic structure of the weakly coupled graphene/Ir(111) system. The energy, dis- persion, and lifetime of the lowest three image-potential states are measured. In addition, the weak interaction between Ir and graphene permits observation of resonant transitions from an unquenched Shockley-type surface state of the Ir substrate to graphene/Ir image-potential states. The image-potential-state lifetimes are comparable to those of mid-gap clean metal surfaces. Evidence of localization of the excited electrons on single-atom-layer graphene islands is provided by coverage-dependent measurements.

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035-0352828-2840 - Elektronska i kristalna struktura poduprtih samoorganiziranih nano-sistema (Petar Pervan, )

Institut za fiziku, Zagreb

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