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Numerical Model for Static and Dynamic Analsis of Masonry Structure

Radnić, Jure; Matešan, Domagoj; Harapin, Alen; Smilović, Marija; Grgić, Nikola
Numerical Model for Static and Dynamic Analsis of Masonry Structure // ACE-X 2011
Vilamoura, Portugal, 2011. (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, ostalo)

Numerical Model for Static and Dynamic Analsis of Masonry Structure

Radnić, Jure ; Matešan, Domagoj ; Harapin, Alen ; Smilović, Marija ; Grgić, Nikola

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ACE-X 2011 / - , 2011

5TH International Conference on Advanced Computational Engineering and Experimenting

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Vilamoura, Portugal, 03-06.07.2011

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Masonry structure; numerical model; static analysis; dynamic analysis

The numerical model for static and dynamic analysis of various types of planar masonry structures, including the soil-structure interaction, was presented. It is possible to simulate dominant material nonlinearities of constitutive materials (masonry, concrete, reinforcement and soil), as well as the contact problems and geometric nonlinearity. Micro and macro models for masonry were described. Orthotropic material model for masonry was presented, with the different material parameters in horizontal and vertical directions. Opening and closing of cracks in masonry, concrete and soil was modelled. Influence of shear stresses on strength capacity of masonry was included. The shear and tensile stiffness of masonry and concrete cracking was modelled. For the verification of the presented numerical model, two stories masonry wall was tested on horizontal static force up to the failure. The wall was real practical size with: 5.6 m height, 3 m length and 0.2 m depth. It was confined with the vertical and horizontal ring beams. The wall was vertically loaded by the ballasts on the floor levels. The displacement of the wall at the floor levels, as well as the strains (stresses) of masonry, concrete and reinforcement, was measured for each increment of lateral forces at floor levels. Some additional static and dynamic experimental tests of various masonry structures are planned for the further verification of presented numerical model.

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083-0000000-1538 - Eksperimentalna i numerička istraživanja potresne otpornosti građevina (Jure Radnić, )

Fakultet građevinarstva, arhitekture i geodezije, Split