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Effect of rotational speed on thin-rim gear bending fatigue crack initiation life

Opalić, Milan; Vučković, Krešimir; Žeželj, Dragan
Effect of rotational speed on thin-rim gear bending fatigue crack initiation life // Key Engineering Materials, 488-489 (2012), 456-459 doi:10.4028/ (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Effect of rotational speed on thin-rim gear bending fatigue crack initiation life

Opalić, Milan ; Vučković, Krešimir ; Žeželj, Dragan

Key Engineering Materials (1013-9826) 488-489 (2012); 456-459

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Thin-rim gear; rotational speed; bending fatigue; crack initiation; strain-life approach

Thin-rim gears are often used in aircraft applications in order to reduce weight. The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of rotational speed (centrifugal force) on bending fatigue crack initiation life of thin-rim gear manufactured from case carburized 14NiCrMo13- 4 steel. Stresses in gear are determined from two- dimensional finite element model, assuming plane stress conditions. The fact that, in actual thin- rim gear operation, a significant reversed stress occurs at the root of the tooth adjacent to the loaded tooth is considered. Material is assumed to be homogenous, isotropic and linear elastic. Elastic strains are calculated from obtained stresses and corrected using Neuber’s rule to account plasticity effects. The number of load cycles required to initiate bending fatigue crack is predicted using strain-life approach for variety of gear rotational speeds and rim thicknesses. Strain-controlled fatigue properties were approximated from material hardness, while the mean stress as well as residual stress effects are included through Morrow’s mean stress correction. The proposed approach is validated by comparison with available experimental data from literature and used for parametric studies. Predicted numbers of load cycles required to initiate potential bending fatigue crack are presented for the variety of cases studied.

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120-1201833-1832 - Ekološki podržan razvoj proizvoda (Milan Opalić, )
152-1521473-3111 - Značajke proizvoda za sveukupnu realizaciju proizvoda kod brze proizvodnje (Milan Kljajin, )

Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, Zagreb

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