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E4911 TRENIN project report PRO2

Marjanović, Dorian; Štorga, Mario; Bojčetić, Nenad; Pavković, Neven; Stanković, Tino; Midžić, Ida
E4911 TRENIN project report PRO2, 2010. (izvješće).

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E4911 TRENIN project report PRO2

Marjanović, Dorian ; Štorga, Mario ; Bojčetić, Nenad ; Pavković, Neven ; Stanković, Tino ; Midžić, Ida

EUREKA E4911 TRENIN project

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traceability; engineering information; TRENIN

In the 2nd reporting period of the project, we succeeded to create in-depth overview of wide range of perspectives and issues related to engineering information traceability in the context of the product development. The key processes that define different perspective on traceability have been recognised and further researched: requirements management, change management, characteristic management, decision making support and knowledge management. Based on the extended discussion between research and industrial partners two possible approaches to traceability have been recognised and further developed in order to establish TRENIN model: •Scenario based approach (SBA) - user predefines what exactly and how would like to trace in particular product development episode •Agent based approach (ABA) - system automatically or semi automatically trace everything related to the information objects life continuum and enable users intelligent processing on recorded content The two approaches have been merged in TRENIN information model proposal. The key elements of the information model have been recognised and defined: TRACEABILITY POINT, TRACEABILITY RECORD, TRACEABILITY ENGINE, and TRACEABILTY FRAMEWORK. The general traceability framework is modelled using a three tiered architecture. Besides, the vocabularies for the main elements of the framework are recognised and described as an extension of the Merged Ontology for Engineering Design. The interviews conducted with representatives of the industrial partners helped the project team to establish the key stakeholder viewpoints on TRENIN. The main problems relevant for traceability as they were stated by main stakeholders have been recognised and described. Fragmentation of the information objects have been further explored in order to extend TREIN model to support that important functionality that is not covered in existing engineering tools. This resulted with introduction of the TRACEABILITY FRAGMENTS in TRENIN model.

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120-1201829-1828 - Modeli i metode upravljanja znanjem u razvoju proizvoda (Marjanović, Dorian, MZOS ) ( POIROT)

Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, Zagreb

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Marjanović, Dorian; Štorga, Mario; Bojčetić, Nenad; Pavković, Neven; Stanković, Tino; Midžić, Ida
E4911 TRENIN project report PRO2, 2010. (izvješće).
Marjanović, D., Štorga, M., Bojčetić, N., Pavković, N., Stanković, T. & Midžić, I. (2010) E4911 TRENIN project report PRO2. EUREKA E4911 TRENIN project. Izvješće.
@unknown{unknown, year = {2010}, keywords = {traceability, engineering information, TRENIN}, title = {E4911 TRENIN project report PRO2}, keyword = {traceability, engineering information, TRENIN} }

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