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Thinking about nature with children

Ćurko, Bruno
Thinking about nature with children // 15th ICPIC COnference, Proceedings / Arthur Wolf (ur.).
Jinju, Korea: ICPIC, Korea, 2011. str. 5-5 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Thinking about nature with children

Ćurko, Bruno

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15th ICPIC COnference, Proceedings / Arthur Wolf - Jinju, Korea : ICPIC, Korea, 2011, 5-5

15th ICPIC COnference

Mjesto i datum
Jinju, Korea, 18.-20. 07. 2011

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Philosophy with Children; ethics; bioethics; attitude towards nature

Association of “Petit philosophy” work three years with the different original programs philosophy for/with children in Croatia. In the school year 2010/2011 we are implementing a program "Look into your own opinion" (for children from 8 to eleven years old) in sixteen schools, libraries and associations throughout the Republic of Croatian. The implementation included 17 volunteers and 219 children. For every week a workshop was prepared by pre-defined schedule, we will discuss topics such as wisdom, love, courage, imagination, friendship, bioethics, corruption, truth, etc. In my lecture (paper) I will present the results of such research about workshop which officially is called "Bioethics for Children", but official name for this workshop for children called "Is the nature source of our gladness?“. In this research I will show what are the attitudes about the nature, protected animal species, cloning, and compared to animals, compared to the pollution of nature had children before the workshop and several weeks after the workshop. Through statistical data, graphs I will show how and what children changed in their thinking about the nature of the relationship between man and their relationship to the nature.

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191-1911112-1092 - Boškovićeva Theoria philosophiae naturalis i hrvatske filozofske tradicije (Ivica Martinović, )

Institut za filozofiju, Zagreb

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Bruno Ćurko, (286103)