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Evaluation of Antiaggregatory Activity of Flavonoid Aglycone Series

Bojić, Mirza; Debeljak, Željko; Tomičić, Maja; Medić-Šarić, Marica; Tomić, Siniša
Evaluation of Antiaggregatory Activity of Flavonoid Aglycone Series // Nutrition Journal, 10 (2011), 73-1 doi:10.1186/1475-2891-10-73 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Evaluation of Antiaggregatory Activity of Flavonoid Aglycone Series

Bojić, Mirza ; Debeljak, Željko ; Tomičić, Maja ; Medić-Šarić, Marica ; Tomić, Siniša

Nutrition Journal (1475-2891) 10 (2011); 73-1

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Antiaggregatory activity; flavonoids; platelets

Among natural compounds, present in every day diet, flavonoids have shown beneficial effect in prevention of cardiovascular diseases that can be attributed, at least partially to the described antiaggregatory activity i.e. antiplatelet effects of flavonoids. Due to the ever increasing pharmacological interest in antiplatelet agents a systematic experimental evaluation of large flavonoid series is needed. A set of thirty flavonoid aglycones has been selected for the evaluation. All measurements of aggregation were done under standardized and firmly controlled in vitro conditions. The whole blood samples, multiple platelet functional analyzer and adenosine diphosphate (ADP) as a weak agonist of aggregation were selected for this purpose. The results were expressed as minimal concentration of flavonoid that can significantly lower the platelet aggregation compared to the corresponding untreated sample (minimal antiaggregatory concentration - MINaAC). All analyzed flavonoids exhibited antiaggregatory activity MINaAC ranging from 0.119 muM to 122 muM, while the most potent representatives were 3, 6-dihydroxyflavone (0.119 muM) and syringetin (0.119 muM). Measurable antiplatelet activity established at submicromolar flavonoid concentrations suggests that even a dietary consumption of some flavonoids can make an impact on in vivo aggregation of platelets. These findings also point out a therapeutical potential of some flavonoids.

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Temeljne medicinske znanosti, Kliničke medicinske znanosti, Farmacija


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006-0061117-1237 - Biološki aktivni spojevi, metaboliti i QSAR (Marica Medić-Šarić, )

Farmaceutsko-biokemijski fakultet, Zagreb,
Hrvatski zavod za transfuzijsku medicinu

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