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Numerical modeling of life prediction of gears

Franulović, Marina; Basan, Robert; Kunc, Robert; Prebil, Ivan
Numerical modeling of life prediction of gears // Procedia Engineering, 10 (2011), 562-567 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)

Numerical modeling of life prediction of gears

Franulović, Marina ; Basan, Robert ; Kunc, Robert ; Prebil, Ivan

Procedia Engineering (1877-7058) 10 (2011); 562-567

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Gear; damage; simulation; life prediction

Optimal gear design consists of determining its proper size, geometry, material, manufacturing processes and process parameters. One of the major steps within such gear design is high-cost gear testing until failure with the goal to determine performance characteristics of gears and also to enable life expectancy evaluations. With the viewpoint in the low-cost failure analysis, considering crack initiation in tooth root fillet, simulation of material behaviour can be based also on recorded material response from the endurance tests on un-notched test circular samples. In order to account for large number of phenomena that appear in material during loading, complex material model for material behaviour modeling is chosen. Material behaviour in low–cycle fatigue regime is described by material model that combines isotropic and kinematic hardening with mechanics of material damage to simulate elastic-plastic response of the material, as well as damage nucleation and accumulation. Chosen material model is implemented into finite element code to enable numerical modeling of materials response in gears tooth root and life prediction, considering crack initiation period. Calculated life expectancy curves show possible increase of gear’s loading capacity as a result of material softening tendency and residual stresses influence in gears tooth root.

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069-0692195-1796 - Materijali, trajnost i nosivost suvremenih zupčastih prijenosnika (Božidar Križan, )

Tehnički fakultet, Rijeka

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