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Electronic Payments in Traffic and Transport, Status and Perspectives

Mandžuka, Sadko
Electronic Payments in Traffic and Transport, Status and Perspectives // Promet - Traffic & Transportation, 23 (2011), 2; 157-158 (recenziran, informacija o skupu, ostalo)

Electronic Payments in Traffic and Transport, Status and Perspectives

Mandžuka, Sadko

Promet - Traffic & Transportation (0353-5320) 23 (2011), 2; 157-158

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Radovi u časopisima, informacija o skupu, ostalo

Ključne riječi
Intelligent Transportation System ; Electronic Payment ; GNSS

In the electronic toll collection systems, special importance is on the property of interoperability, which marks the existence of a standardized and compatible system/instrument. The goal of interoperability is to provide the users equipped by electronic toll collection device in a certain country / region / concessionaire to be able to automatically pay toll in other countries / regions / concessionaire, using a single (unique) device onboard vehicle. The electronic collection systems should be interoperable and based on open and public standards, available to the system suppliers without discrimination. As part of the initiative of starting the projects in the area of defining the regional ITS architecture the following activities are predicted: (1) development of national ITS associations, (2) development of a standardized system, (3) launching of joint projects, (4) coordination of research and development capacities, (5) connection of economic subjects, and (6) cooperation in education and professional training. In the final part the paper has indicated that the ITS implementation in the region will start even without such approach, yet for many in the region with: (a) higher costs, (b) reduced interoperability, (c) slower implementation, (d) loss of business opportunity for national economy, etc.

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Tehnologija prometa i transport


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135-1352598-2581 - Metodologija razvoja integriranih adaptivnih transportno-logističkih sustava (Sadko Mandžuka, )

Fakultet prometnih znanosti, Zagreb

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Sadko Mandžuka, (167033)

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