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Media Culture and Media Education in Modern School

Tolić, Mirela
Media Culture and Media Education in Modern School // World Journal of Education, I. (2011), II.; 89-97 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Media Culture and Media Education in Modern School

Tolić, Mirela

World Journal of Education (1925-0746) I. (2011), II.; 89-97

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Media culture; media education; school curriculum; cultural studies; communication identity

The article discusses issues in what respect the different media, like Tv, film and Internet are with different cultures, how it changes everyday life under influence of various forms of sophisticated communications media and what competencies have children and young people, teachers, professional staff and parents to acquire know the "deal" with the new challenges in education? The article presents new aspects of the analysis of relations betwwen media culture and media education. The author analyzes the relationship of media culture and media education explains the transformation of homo communicans in homo socius. Media culture is analyzed in interaction with the development of media pedagogy. He points out the importance of etymological analysis Bourdie’s understanding of philosophy of symbolic forms, cultural studies, the Frankfurt School and Luhmann’s understanding of communication theory for the development of media culture in the "cyber society".

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World Journal of Education ISSN 1925-0746(Print) ISSN 1925-0754(Online)


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Mirela Müller, (298176)

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