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Deliverable : D2.1 Report on questionnaires

Špirić, Zdravko; Čišić, Dragan; Perić Hadžić, Ana; Ogrizović, Dario; Tijan, Edvard; et al.
Deliverable : D2.1 Report on questionnaires, 2011. (izvješće).

Deliverable : D2.1 Report on questionnaires

Špirić, Zdravko ; Čišić, Dragan ; Perić Hadžić, Ana ; Ogrizović, Dario ; Tijan, Edvard ; et al.

Supporting Research On Climate Friendly Transport REACT, EC FP7 project, Grant Agreement Number 233984

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Questionnaire Planning Process; Expert Questionnaire; Open Questionnaire

This deliverable is a Report on Questionnaires. Questionnaires were used in both the Expert Consultation Procedure and Open Consultation Procedure, in regard to work in WP2 named Elaboration of the Strategic Research Agenda. This deliverable is associated with the work conducted within the Task 2.1. (Creating a network of stakeholders), Task 2.2 (Expert Consultation Procedure) and Task 2.3 (Open Consultation Procedure of the REACT project). Simplified, the goals of these tasks can be defined as follows: to define future research priorities in friendly climate transport, which includes activities related to development of roadmaps, to validate priorities with the stakeholders, and to suggest applications that can be realized in practice (e.g., the tactics to select the most effective initial actions). Based on the forementioned goals, for the Deliverable 2.1. the questionnaires were devised addressing several points and answering several questions: 1. What is the purpose of questionnaires? 2. What type of questionnaire can be used? 3. What were the criteria for the selection of questionnaires? 4. Who are the relevant stakeholders? 5. How to determine the timing of the questionnaire or time scheduling? 6. Why and what was the difference between the questionnaires for Expert and Open consultation procedure? 7. How to measure the results? 8. What are the appropriate methods and methodology for data analysis?

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Tehnologija prometa i transport, Ekonomija, Informacijske i komunikacijske znanosti


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112-1121722-1719 - Regionalni elektroničko logistički pomorski cluster, orkestriranje procesa (Dragan Čišić, )

Pomorski fakultet, Rijeka