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Sustainable wind turbine control system

Marijan, Siniša; Jelavić, Mate; Kajari, Mladen; Barišić, Mario; Tečec, Zlatka; Bago, Marko
Sustainable wind turbine control system // Proceedings of the EWEA Annual event 2011
Brisel, Belgija, 2011. (poster, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), stručni)

Sustainable wind turbine control system

Marijan, Siniša ; Jelavić, Mate ; Kajari, Mladen ; Barišić, Mario ; Tečec, Zlatka ; Bago, Marko

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Proceedings of the EWEA Annual event 2011 / - , 2011

EWEA Annual event 2011

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Brisel, Belgija, 14 - 17.03.2011

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Wind turbine control system; sustainability; proprietary embedded system; long-life platform; modular solutions

There are many concepts of Wind Turbine Control Systems ranging from proprietary solutions with fixed architecture up to the upgradeable modular solutions based on the commercial off-the-shelf components. Apart from fulfilling requested functionalities, these systems also have to cope with non-functional requirements such as electromagnetic compatibility, extended temperature range, shocks and vibrations. Additionally, they are deployed in complex products where expected lifetime is usually more than 20 years. Therefore, the sustainability of such systems is nowadays gaining more attention both in academia and in industry. The paper deals with the concept and implementation of turbine control system designed to have prolonged lifetime.

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