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Geološke karte dravskog područja

Chikán, Géza; Hećimović, Ivan
Geološke karte dravskog područja // Knjiga sažetaka / Horvat, Marija (ur.).
zagreb: Hrvatski geološki institut, 2010. str. 364-365 (poster, domaća recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

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Geološke karte dravskog područja
(Geological Maps of Drava territory)

Chikán, Géza ; Hećimović, Ivan

Vrsta, podvrsta i kategorija rada
Sažeci sa skupova, sažetak, znanstveni

Knjiga sažetaka / Horvat, Marija - Zagreb : Hrvatski geološki institut, 2010, 364-365


4. Hrvatski geološki kongres s međunarodnim sudjelovanjem

Mjesto i datum
Šibenik, Hrvatska,, 14.-15.10.2010

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Ključne riječi
Geološko kartiranje; Dravski bazen; litostratigrafija; mađarsko-hrvatska suradnja
(Geological mapping; Drava-basin; Lithostratigraphy; Hungarian-Croatian cooperation)

Introduction There is an interesting, spectacular, diverse, special territory on the border of the two countries, Croatia and Hungary: the neighbourhood of Drava River. It is very diverse not only from biological, but geomorphologic and geological point of view, too. The main mass of formations is composed of Quaternary sediments, but on the margin of the territory of fluvial activity one can find different older rock-formations, too. The main part of left riverbank historically belongs to Hungary ; the main part of right riverbank belongs to Croatia. However, everybody knows that the nature doesn’t know, doesn’t recognize political borders. This thought leaded us to achieve an idea: we would like to make, we can make common geological maps of Drava territory. History BEAUDANT (1818), HAIDINGER (1845), HAUER (1867), BÖCKH (1896), LÓCZY & PAPP (1922) edited maps which have shown the whole territory of the Carpathian Basin, but detailed map about Drava territory has not been presented. After the SecondWorldWar, a quick survey for mapping of the whole territory of Hungary in 1:25 000 scales has been done. These map-sheets remained in manuscript, and from data obtained by this mapping a 1:200 000 scale geological map-series were edited by the Geological Institute of Hungary. However, mapped formations were pictured only on the Hungarian side of the country border. This was the situation till the end of the 20 century. The Hungarian author of this article is working as geologist on Southern Transdanubian part of Hungary from 1973. When Croatia obtained independency, we have showen our work and strategy for mapping of South Transdanubia on the First Croatian Geological Congress in Opatija. Three years later I have visited the Croatian Geological Institute, where we got acquainted with Dr. He}; ; ; imovi}; ; ; , and we planned to make common works in the future. On the Second Congress in Cavtat with the help of him we showed a poster about problems and similarities between formations on the Drava territory. Justice cannot be avoided: in 2005, on the Third Congress we set forth to make a common work for unified geological map of the territory of country border, along the Drava River .

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Projekt / tema
181-1811096-1093 - Osnovna geološka karta Republike Hrvatske 1:50.000 (Belak, Mirko, MZOS - )
181-1811096-1102 - Strukturno-geomorfološka karta RH 1:100.000 (Hećimović, Ivan, MZOS - )

Hrvatski geološki institut


Avatar Url Ivan Hećimović (autor)

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Chikán, Géza; Hećimović, Ivan
Geološke karte dravskog područja // Knjiga sažetaka / Horvat, Marija (ur.).
zagreb: Hrvatski geološki institut, 2010. str. 364-365 (poster, domaća recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)
Chikán, G. & Hećimović, I. (2010) Geološke karte dravskog područja. U: Horvat, M. (ur.)Knjiga sažetaka.
@article{article, editor = {Horvat, M.}, year = {2010}, pages = {364-365}, keywords = {Geological mapping, Drava-basin, Lithostratigraphy, Hungarian-Croatian cooperation}, isbn = {978-953-6907-23-6}, title = {Geological Maps of Drava territory}, keyword = {Geological mapping, Drava-basin, Lithostratigraphy, Hungarian-Croatian cooperation}, publisher = {Hrvatski geolo\v{s}ki institut}, publisherplace = {\v{S}ibenik, Hrvatska,} }

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