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Role of gangliosides in brain aging and neurodegeneration

Mlinac, Kristina; Kalanj Bognar, Svjetlana
Role of gangliosides in brain aging and neurodegeneration // Translational Neuroscience, 1 (2010), 4; 300-307 doi:10.2478/v10134-010-0043-6 (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Role of gangliosides in brain aging and neurodegeneration

Mlinac, Kristina ; Kalanj Bognar, Svjetlana

Translational Neuroscience (2081-6936) 1 (2010), 4; 300-307

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Gangliosides; brain; aging; neurodegeneration

Gangliosides are membrane glycosphingolipids bearing sialic acid residues. Within membranes, gangliosides are specifically enriched in highly organized domains, lipid rafts, and are attributed with diverse functions such as intercellular interactions, cell recognition, neurotransmission, and signal transduction. The highest concentration and variability of ganglioside structures are found in the human brain. Specific temporal and regional distribution of brain gangliosides has been reported ; moreover, gangliosides may serve as markers of neurodevelopmental stages, aging and neurodegeneration. Brain ganglioside content and composition as well as ganglioside metabolism are altered in Alzheimer’s disease. It appears that the alterations of ganglioside metabolism leading to changes in membrane physico-chemical properties are not merely a consequence of primary pathology, but may also be involved in the early pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease through documented effects on APP proteolytic processing and amyloid aggregation. Investigations of glycolipid metabolic alterations which accompany neurodegenerative disorders provide insight into pathogenetic mechanisms and enable recognition of diagnostic markers as well as molecular structures acting as therapeutic tools interfering with cascade of pathological events.

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108-1081870-1877 - Uloga membranskih lipida u moždanom razvitku, starenju i neurodegeneraciji (Svjetlana Kalanj-Bognar, )

Medicinski fakultet, Zagreb

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