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Population data for 17 short tandem repeat loci on Y chromosome in Northern Croatia

Gršković, Branka; Mršić, Gordan; Polašek, Ozren; Vrdoljak, Andro; Merkaš, Simiša; Anđelinović, Šimun
Population data for 17 short tandem repeat loci on Y chromosome in Northern Croatia // Molecular biology reports, 38 (2011), 3; 2203-2209 doi:10.1007/s11033-010-0349-y (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Population data for 17 short tandem repeat loci on Y chromosome in Northern Croatia

Gršković, Branka ; Mršić, Gordan ; Polašek, Ozren ; Vrdoljak, Andro ; Merkaš, Simiša ; Anđelinović, Šimun

Molecular biology reports (0301-4851) 38 (2011), 3; 2203-2209

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Y chromosome; short tandem repeat; population genetics; haplotypes; Northern Croatia

Human Y-short tandem repeats (STRs) are tandem repeat arrays of two to seven base pair units on non-recombining region (NRY) of the human Y chromosome. Studies on Y-STR are interesting in both population genetics and forensics. The aim of this study was to investigate the population genetic properties of 17 STR loci on Y chromosome in the northern Croatia region. We carried out a statistical analysis of the data from previously performed genetic analysis collected during routine forensic work by the Forensic Science Centre "Ivan Vučetić". A total of 220 unrelated healthy men from northern Croatia were selected for the purpose of this study. Genomic DNA was extracted using Chelex procedure from FTA(®) cards. Y-chromosomal STRs were determined using the AmpFISTR Yfiler PCR amplification kit. The haplotype frequencies were determined by direct counting and analyzed using Arlequin 3.1 and analysis of molecular variance calculated with the Y chromosome haplotype reference database online analysis tool. A total of 210 haplotypes were identified, 200 of which were unique. Total haplotype diversity was 0.995. Locus diversity varied from 0.331 for DYS392 to 0.783 for DYS385 locus. Allele frequencies diversity was 0.662. Discrimination capacity was 95.7%. The use of European minimal haplotype set indicated the most resemblance of this population to the Croatian capital of Zagreb, with modest resemblance to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Hungary. This article provides the first overview of the Y chromosome STR variability in northern Croatia, thus providing the referent point for any future forensic and genetic epidemiology efforts in this region.

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