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Unusual Stab Wound of the Temporal Region

Glunčić, Ivo; Roje, Željka; Tudor, Mario; Glunčić, Vicko
Unusual Stab Wound of the Temporal Region // Croatian medical journal, 42 (2001), 5; 579-582 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Unusual Stab Wound of the Temporal Region

Glunčić, Ivo ; Roje, Željka ; Tudor, Mario ; Glunčić, Vicko

Croatian medical journal (0353-9504) 42 (2001), 5; 579-582

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Head injuries; penetrating; patient care team; petrous bone; wounds; stab; wounds; penetrating

We report the case of an unusual penetrating injury of the temporal region of the head caused by knife. A long kitchen knife was protruding from the upper auricular area of the left temporal region of victim’s head. It cut through the posterosuperior part of the left auricula and remained fixed to the postauricular region. Brain computorized tomography(CT) scan revealed that the knife had reached deep into the petrous part of the temporal bone, and was directed toward the sulcus of the sigmoid sinus. There were no signs of intracranial bleeding. An otorhinolaryngologist and a neurosurgeon removed the knife in operating room, with the patient in general anesthesia. The audiogram obtained after 7 days of hospitalization showed left conductive hearing loss of 40 dB at frequencies up to 2 kHz, and of 90 dB above 2 kHz, probably due to hemotympanum caused by the operation. Control examinations performed 14 days and one month after discharge confirmed the patient’s complete recovery and no significant defects in his hearing or balance.We suggest multidisciplinary teamwork as a proper approach in the treatment of such injuries.

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