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Relations between Ethnic Majority and Minorities in Croatia and Realisation of the Rights to Cultural and Ethnic Diversity

Čačić-Kumpes, Jadranka; Gregurović, Margareta; Kumpes, Josip
Relations between Ethnic Majority and Minorities in Croatia and Realisation of the Rights to Cultural and Ethnic Diversity // Democratization and Europeanization in the Western Balkans
Beč, Austrija, 2010. (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, pp prezentacija, znanstveni)

Relations between Ethnic Majority and Minorities in Croatia and Realisation of the Rights to Cultural and Ethnic Diversity

Čačić-Kumpes, Jadranka ; Gregurović, Margareta ; Kumpes, Josip

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Democratization and Europeanization in the Western Balkans

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Beč, Austrija, 25-26.11.2010

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Ethnic majority; ethnic minorities; cultural diversity; ethnic diversity; ethnic minorities' rights; Croatia

Starting from the intercultural approach to cultural and ethnic diversity, authors discuss the realisation of the rights to diversity of ethnic/national minorities in a culturally and ethnically plural society as a bilateral process of egalitarian exchange and encounter between majority and minority cultures. Thus understood approach to diversity is contextualized in the Croatian society which has centuries old tradition of regulating rights to ethnic and cultural diversity. After the short socio-historic analysis of the regulation of cultural and ethnic differences which is based on Central European traditions of the 19th century and the regulation of diversity in multinational/multiethnic states of which Croatia was a part, authors look closely at the contemporary legal regulation of minority rights. In the central part of the paper the social perception and the problems of implementation of the prescribed rights to diversity are analysed. For that purpose the results that are a part of the research on relations between ethnic majority and minorities in Croatia are interpreted, with reference to the knowledge about the rights to diversity of ethnic/national minority members and to the attitudes on the importance and fulfilment of these rights. The survey was conducted in 2009 on a nationally representative sample of adult population and an accidental sample of minority ethnic/national groups' members which enabled a relatively integral insight into the perception of rights to diversity from the majority and minority ethnic groups’ perspectives. Apart from the difference between majority and minority groups in their perception of the level of the rights' regulation and of the assessment of importance of this regulation (where the minority group respondents evaluated the situation more negatively than the majority group respondents), the results showed statistically significant differences in responses between certain socio-demographic groups. Some of these differences were expected (respondents with a higher level of education attach on average a greater importance to the implementation of the mentioned rights as well as members from the left political orientation), but some of them indicate the need for a deeper analysis of social processes in the Croatian society (e.g. younger respondents showed greater degree of reluctance towards diversity affirmation than the older respondents). Finally, authors brought into correlation the socio-historic context (of “belated nation”, transition and post-conflict period as important characteristics of the Croatian society) with the legacy of regulation of the right to ethnic and cultural diversity and the objective, contemporary, regulation of this right along with the results of the empirical research.

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076-0762385-1516 - Interkulturni pristup etničkoj različitosti i identitet: Hrvatska – Europa (Jadranka Čačić-Kumpes, )

Institut za migracije i narodnosti, Zagreb,
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