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Nevenka Đorđević

Maroević, Tonko; Tonković, Zdenko
Nevenka Đorđević, 1999. (monografija/katalog izložbe).

Nevenka Đorđević

Maroević, Tonko ; Tonković, Zdenko

Vrsta, podvrsta
Ostale vrste radova, monografija/katalog izložbe


Ključne riječi
Nevenka Đorđević; hrvatsko slikarstvo 20. stoljeća
(Nevenka Đorđević; Croatian painting of the 20th century)

The indisputable reputation the painter Nevenka Đorđević enjoys among connoisseurs of Croatian painting has not in the least become part of the overall collective consciousness. Her name - in contrast to the greater fame of many of her, by no means greater, peers and contemporaries - barely echoes beyond the narrow confines of professional art circles, and her works are rarely seen, reproduced or exhibited. A Curious fate befell this body of work which represents an essential link in Croatian fine art practise, streching from the late 1920s to the mid 1960s and dealing with a range of problematics from Post-Impressionist colorism to a convincing synthetis of unambiguously symbolic forms. Although this exhibition will not and cannot offer a definitive solution to all the problems of a hitherto dispersed and insufficiently treated body of work, I am convinced that it will meet the high criteria of expresivity, satisfy the lovers of fine art, and, most importantly, fulfill the prophesy of the historian Grgo Gamulin who, in writing about the painter added a note predicting that in future monographic treatments discoveries are to be expected.

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Institut za povijest umjetnosti, Zagreb

Autor s matičnim brojem:
Tonko Maroević, (28920)