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A New Self-Calibrating Optical Method For 3d-Shape Measurement

Gomerčić, Mladen; Jecić, Stjepan
A New Self-Calibrating Optical Method For 3d-Shape Measurement // Extended Summaries of 17th Symposium ”Danubia-Adria” on Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics / Holy, Stanislav (ur.).
Prag: Czech Society of Mechanics, 2000. str. 113-116 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

A New Self-Calibrating Optical Method For 3d-Shape Measurement

Gomerčić, Mladen ; Jecić, Stjepan

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Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni

Extended Summaries of 17th Symposium ”Danubia-Adria” on Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics / Holy, Stanislav - Prag : Czech Society of Mechanics, 2000, 113-116

17th Symposium Danubia-Adria on Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics

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Prag, Češka Republika, 11-14.10.2000

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Optical 3D-shape measurement; 3D-point clouds; triangulation principle; fringe projection; phase shifting; photogrammetry

Optical 3D-shape measuring methods are gaining importance and are increasingly used over the past few years, according to high technical and aesthetic demands of new products and constructions. Apart from classical mechanical methods like coordinate measurement machines (CMM’s), some optical systems based on fringe projection give whole field of results in form of high density 3D-point clouds, so they have become specially suitable for reverse engineering and quality control of complex objects. The Fringe-Projection-Sensors are based on a combination of triangulation principle, white light fringe projection and phase shifting. Most of them use one CCD-camera and one projection unit. Complex objects cannot be digitized by only one measurement, so it is important to transform the point-clouds of different sensor position in the same coordinate system. For this purpose, such sensors are usually fixed on accurate translation and rotation units, which make possible the exact sensor positioning and the recalculation of single measurements. Topometric system Atos records projected fringes with two instead of one CCD-camera, that also provides an accurate photogrammetric determination of reference mark position. If these marks are attached on object surface or its neighborhood, the separate measurements of a whole complex object can be transformed in one coordinate system whitout a use of additional mechanical equipment. A new procedure proposed in this paper further integrates accuracy and reliability of photogrammetry with high point density of fringe-projection-method. The different fringe patterns are projected in two orthogonal directions onto the object surface, enabling the over-determination of triangulation equation, which can be further increased by using of additional cameras. As a results an increasing accuracy, reliability and self-calibrating properties of a new measuring system are gained.

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Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, Zagreb