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Croatian Anthropometric System Meeting the European Union

Ujević, Darko; Rogale, Dubravko; Drenovac, Mirko; Pezelj, Dinko; Hrastinski, Marijan; Smolej Narančić, Nina; Mimica, Željko; Hrženjak, Renata
Croatian Anthropometric System Meeting the European Union // International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, 18 (2006), 3; 200-218 doi:10.1108/09556220610657961 (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Croatian Anthropometric System Meeting the European Union

Ujević, Darko ; Rogale, Dubravko ; Drenovac, Mirko ; Pezelj, Dinko ; Hrastinski, Marijan ; Smolej Narančić, Nina ; Mimica, Željko ; Hrženjak, Renata

International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology (0955-6222) 18 (2006), 3; 200-218

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Croatian anthropometric system; anthropometric measurements; ISO and EN standards

Purpose – Anthropometry as one of anthropology methods is concerned with the measurement of the human body and determining the relationship of the size and proportions of the human body. Aims to outline the main features of the Croatian anthropometric system (HAS). Design/methodology/approach – The paper provides a description of the major characteristics included in HAS, the STIRP project supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports by means of the HITRA program. Findings – In its TEST subprogram, HAS includes the first systematic anthropometric measurement in all Croatian counties and in the city of Zagreb. The objective of HAS is to determine a proposal of the new size system of clothing and footwear. The paper describes major characteristics included: anthropometric measurements and target points, part of practical measurements, survey of measurements based on age groups and instruments used for these purposes, notes about field measurements and HAS users. Practical implications – The implementation of HAS has been harmonized with International Organization for Standardization and EN standards and represents a considerable contribution on the path to the EU. Originality/value – Provides information of value to those concerned with developments in the clothing and garment industries.

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