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Understanding the role of food in rural tourism development in a recovering economy

Renko, Sanda; Renko, Nataša; Polonijo, Tea
Understanding the role of food in rural tourism development in a recovering economy // Journal of food products marketing, 16 (2010), 3; 309-324 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Understanding the role of food in rural tourism development in a recovering economy

Renko, Sanda ; Renko, Nataša ; Polonijo, Tea

Journal of food products marketing (1045-4446) 16 (2010), 3; 309-324

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Food; rural tourism; Croatia

Despite its primary, vital function of satisfying physiological needs, food can be the key factor in the tourist industry by adding value to the image of a destination and by reinforcing the tourists' experience in certain places. Till recently Croatian geographic characteristics presented key elements of market differentiation any more. However, the importance of food for tourism development has been recognized by Croatian authors. They mostly point out food as the driving force for health tourism and gastronomic offer preconditions for the development of rural tourism. This paper addresses two dynamic segments of the economy: agriculture along with food production and tourism. In this paper we try to find out whether food presents an effective instrument for enhancing rural tourism development in a country emerging from war and transitioning from central economic planning to a market economy. Using data from a study on the sample of 300 tourists in 12 tourist destinations in Croatia, the authors find that foreign tourists mostly buy food during their holidays in Croatia due to high quality of the Croatian local food. Also, large number of respondents thinks that Croatian food is more expensive than the food in their countries and experienced difficulties in obtaining and consuming local food. The main problem is that some Croatian tourists' entities have failed to promote local food and regional cuisine which results in ignorance on the part of tourists, thus also contributing to lower demand and consumption levels.

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Ekonomski fakultet, Zagreb

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Sanda Renko, (246584)
Nataša Renko, (40864)

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