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Rational therapy of acute pancreatitis

Štimac, Davor; Poropat, Goran
Rational therapy of acute pancreatitis // Digestive diseases, 28 (2010), 2; 310-316 doi:10.1159/000319406 (recenziran, pregledni rad, stručni)

Rational therapy of acute pancreatitis

Štimac, Davor ; Poropat, Goran

Digestive diseases (0257-2753) 28 (2010), 2; 310-316

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Acute pancreatitis; antibiotics; nutrition; surgery

Management of acute pancreatitis represents a challenging aspect of everyday clinical practice that requires a multimodal and interdisciplinary approach. Mild cases of acute pancreatitis are usually self-limitating and treated with fluid resuscitation, analgesics, oxygen administration, and antiemetics. In addition to this, the role of nutritional support has been established for patients with severe acute pancreatitis with more evidence demonstrating its beneficial effects. Antibiotic prophylaxis, even though widely studied and often administrated, does not seem to have an effect on the development of complications and mortality. Patients who develop infected necrosis of the pancreatic tissue require surgical assistance. Various techniques of necrosectomy and drainage are accepted as promising methods in the management of severe acute pancreatitis.

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062-0000000-0211 - Učinci enteralne prehrane u teškom akutnom pankreatitisu (Davor Štimac, )

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