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Ensuring safe produce from farm to fork in Europe

Piližota, Vlasta
Ensuring safe produce from farm to fork in Europe // Food Safety Magazine, 16 (2010), 4; 70-74 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, pregledni rad, stručni)

Ensuring safe produce from farm to fork in Europe

Piližota, Vlasta

Food Safety Magazine (1084-5984) 16 (2010), 4; 70-74

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Safe produce; the European Union's Fruit and Vegetable Sector

Recognition of the importance of routine fruit and vegetable consumption, together with a marked increase in the year-round availability of fresh produce globally, has contributed to a substantial increase in the consumption of fresh produce in recent years. In addition, many consumers consider themselves to be vegetarians. A high intake of fruit and vegetables in the diet is positively associated with the prevention of certain diseases [e.g., The World Health Organization (WHO) advocates a daily intake of 400 grams of fruit and vegetables or approximately five portions per day]. There is also evidence that a high intake of fiber protects against weight gain and obesity. For those reasons, national dietary programs have been promoted in many countries. Eating a variety of fruit and vegetables is important to obtain full nutritional benefits ; however, access to and availability of fresh produce can be problematic because of short shelf life, quality, cost and risk of contamination.

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