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Proceedings of the 11th International Design Conference - DESIGN 2010 (Volume 1)

Proceedings of the 11th International Design Conference - DESIGN 2010 (Volume 1), Zagreb: Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, The Design Society, 2010 (zbornik)

Proceedings of the 11th International Design Conference - DESIGN 2010 (Volume 1)

Marjanović, Dorian ; Štorga, Mario ; Pavković, Neven ; bojčetić, Nenad

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Uredničke knjige, zbornik, znanstvena

Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, The Design Society





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Design theory and research methodology; design processes; human behaviour and design; design methods; design organisation and management; design education; design support tools; design information and knowledge; engineering design practice; industrial design

A precondition for international competitiveness is a companies' capacity to develop products at optimum quality, cost and time. Market pressure forces companies to provide products of increased complexity, to deliver distinctive solutions that serve customers in unique and more effective ways. Thus as business expectations increase, product development and design departments have a much greater strategic importance for the company. Changes, the only constant in today’s turbulent world, are continuously reshaping the product development process. How does this influence engineering design methodologies and tools in practice? How is it possible to improve design projects and processes? How can we improve the development of products and services? Which competencies, information and communication technologies are needed? What is the impact on the everyday design work? What social and legal issues should be considered? What are the new advances in design theory and research? These are some of the key questions the DESIGN 2010 Conference organised again under its ambitious motto “Excellence in Design” will be considering. Since the first DESIGN conference the volume of paper based or e-based publications published and distributed conventionally or web based has risen rapidly. Engineering design research has a long history of varied activities associated with it. However the establishment of credible convincing and well supported new theories and innovative research approaches is an important and continuing task. Undertaking design research is intrinsically demanding for a number of reasons ; evaluating models and methods by ‘experiments’ with industrial collaborators, generating large enough data sets, validating results in quite different design situations and so on. However from the early generation of design methods the body of knowledge about design has evolved significantly and engineering design research is an increasingly mature stand alone discipline. The 10th international design conference - DESIGN 2010 follows the learning and understanding from all that research. Thus the underlying structure of the DESIGN 2010 conference has been influenced by the discussion and outcome of the consolidation focussed workshop “Engineering Design Science – Consolidation and Perspectives” that took place at the previous DESIGN 2008 conference and attempts to give some coherence to the community.. The proceedings include 187 papers that will be presented on the conference. Authors attempts to deal with the above given questions are based on research performed in different environments, backgrounds, viewpoints and using different reasoning. Nevertheless participants from 28 countries will join in a common goal at the DESIGN 2010 conference: to get better understanding of design and designing and to enrich our research insights, international networks and operational activities.

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120-1201829-1828 - Modeli i metode upravljanja znanjem u razvoju proizvoda (Dorian Marjanović, )

Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, Zagreb