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Muscles histomorphology of certain sea fish from the Adriatic sea (Croatia)

Nejedli, Srebrenka; Kozarić, Zvonimir; Gjurčević Kantura, Vesna; Matašin, Željka; Nejedli, Damir
Muscles histomorphology of certain sea fish from the Adriatic sea (Croatia) // Abstracts Aquaculture Europe 09 / Selina Stead (ur.).
Trondheim: European aquaculture society, 2009. str. 442-443 (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Muscles histomorphology of certain sea fish from the Adriatic sea (Croatia)

Nejedli, Srebrenka ; Kozarić, Zvonimir ; Gjurčević Kantura, Vesna ; Matašin, Željka ; Nejedli, Damir

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Abstracts Aquaculture Europe 09 / Selina Stead - Trondheim : European aquaculture society, 2009, 442-443

Aquaculture Europe-the annual meeting of the European Aquaculture Society

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Trondheim, Norveška, 14-17. 08.2009

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Sea fish; muscles; histomorphology

Researches were conducted on certain fishes caught in the Novigrad see area. An average length and mass of the fish were calculated, and they were 18 cm and 71 g for common pandora, bogue 14 cm and 25 g, european hake 29 cm and 168 g, john dory 13.5 cm and 38 g, red mullet 15 cm and 34 g, whiting 20.5 cm and 215 g, saddled seabream 21 cm and 154 g and stargazer 17.5 and 110.5 cm. From every fish muscle samples were taken in projection of the anal opening, dorsally and ventrally to the horizontal septum. An average diameter of muscle fibers in the dorsal part of the horizontal septum was slightly greater than in the ventral one. The greatest diameter of muscle fibers was measured in whitings 113 µm (diameter of muscle fibers was 50-115 µm) on the dorsal side of the horizontal septum, and on the ventral side 104.73 µm (diameter of fibers 50-115 µm). The smallest average diameter of fibers was measured in bogues, in the dorsal part 69, 82 µm (30-120µm), and in ventral 66, 94 µm (30-120) µm. According to the results of succinic acid dehydrogenase activity (SDH) and lactic acid dehydrogenase activity (LDH), very low activity was found in all fibers, moderate to high activity of acid stable adenosintriphosphatase (ATP) and larger amount of glycogen, which suggests that those muscle fibers are white glycolytic fibers. The activity of LDH and SDH as well of the acide stable ATP was strong in red oxidative muscle fibres, but activity of alkal stable ATP was week. In all fishes red fibers were placed superficially at the lateral side of the body as dark muscles clearly distinguished from the white ones but in stargazer small red muscle runs as a band into white muscle dorsaly of the horisontal sepum. Larger amount of connective tissue was not found in no fish species, irrespective of site of specimen sampling.

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053-0010501-2107 - Istraživanje morfofiziologije probavnoga sustava novih vrsta riba u akvakulturi (Zvonimir Kozarić, )
053-0010501-2689 - Istraživanje ontogeneze i rasta muskulature u gospodarski važnih vrsta riba (Srebrenka Nejedli, )
053-0532400-2129 - Morfometabolička istraživanja placente i organa životinja (Vesna Gjurčević-Kantura, )

Veterinarski fakultet, Zagreb