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The generalized Uhlenbeck-Goudsmit hypothesis: 'magnetic' S-a and 'electric' Z(a) spins

Ivezić, Tomislav
The generalized Uhlenbeck-Goudsmit hypothesis: 'magnetic' S-a and 'electric' Z(a) spins // Physica scripta, 81 (2010), 2; 025001-1 doi:10.1088/0031-8949/81/02/025001 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

The generalized Uhlenbeck-Goudsmit hypothesis: 'magnetic' S-a and 'electric' Z(a) spins

Ivezić, Tomislav

Physica scripta (0031-8949) 81 (2010), 2; 025001-1

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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True transformations relativity; aharonov-casher phase; Lorentz transformations; standard transformations; Maxwell equations; charged-particle; dipole-moment; electromagnetism; formulation; invariance

In this paper, the connection between the dipole moment tensor Dab and the spin four-tensor S-ab is formulated in the form of the generalized Uhlenbeck-Goudsmit hypothesis, D-ab = g(S) S-ab. It is also found that the spin four-tensor S-ab can be decomposed into two 4-vectors, the usual 'space-space' intrinsic angular momentum S-a, which will be called 'magnetic' spin (mspin), and a new one, the 'time-space' intrinsic angular momentum Z(a), which will be called 'electric' spin (espin). Both spins are equally good physical quantities. Taking into account the generalized Uhlenbeck-Goudsmit hypothesis, the decomposition of S-ab and the decomposition of D-ab into the dipole moments m(a) and d(a), we find that an electric dipole moment (EDM) of a fundamental particle, as a four-dimensional (4D) geometric quantity, is determined by Z(a) and not, as generally accepted, by the spin S as a 3-vector. Also it is shown that neither the T inversion nor the P inversion are good symmetries in the 4D spacetime. In this geometric approach, only the world parity W, Wx(a) = -x(a), is well defined in the 4D spacetime. Some consequences for elementary particle theories and experiments that search for EDM are briefly discussed.

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098-1191005-2879 - Fizika teških iona (Zoran Basrak, )

Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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Tomislav Ivezić, (71760)

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