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Consequences of Water Engineering Projects in Mokašnice river basin (Bosnia)

Soldo, Božo; Zelenika, Mladen; Mesec, Josip
Consequences of Water Engineering Projects in Mokašnice river basin (Bosnia) // Archives of environmental protection, 36 (2010), 2; 79-89 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Consequences of Water Engineering Projects in Mokašnice river basin (Bosnia)

Soldo, Božo ; Zelenika, Mladen ; Mesec, Josip

Archives of environmental protection (0324-8461) 36 (2010), 2; 79-89

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The article deals with the state of utilization and protection of the water resources in the Mokašnica river basin (MRB) within the larger Mostarsko Blato catchment area (MBB). The authors present data on the Mostarsko Blato basin, provided through the analyses of the results of earlier research projects dealing with surface and groundwater fows, particularly related to the research carried out in the MRB. The previous water engineering works in the MRB have been analyzed for effects on the natural environment and the infuence of such works on the regime of surface fow and groundwater aquifer geometry. In order to protect the area of the MRB from further devastation, the authors suggest some protective measures and due improvements. A special environmental protection study is necessary for better management of the MRB waters and the natural environ- ment, including the analysis of the possibility of losing said water resources due to the implemented engineering interventions.

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195-1951825-1831 - Zaštita okoliša pri eksploataciji nemetalnih mineralnih sirovina u kršu (Darko Vrkljan, )

Geotehnički fakultet, Varaždin

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