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Macrophage chemotactic protein-1 mRNA levels in non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Valković, Toni; Duletić-Načinović, Antica; Štifter, Sanja; Hasan, Milena; Hadžisejdić, Ita; Zombori, David; Grahovac, Blaženka; Jonjić, Nives
Macrophage chemotactic protein-1 mRNA levels in non-Hodgkin lymphoma // Clinical and Experimental Medicine (Testo stampato), 10 (2010), 4; 229-235 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Macrophage chemotactic protein-1 mRNA levels in non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Valković, Toni ; Duletić-Načinović, Antica ; Štifter, Sanja ; Hasan, Milena ; Hadžisejdić, Ita ; Zombori, David ; Grahovac, Blaženka ; Jonjić, Nives

Clinical and Experimental Medicine (Testo stampato) (1591-8890) 10 (2010), 4; 229-235

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Non-Hodgkin lymphoma; Monocyte chemotactic protein-1

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) is one of the most common malignancies whose incidence increases, and the treatment results are not satisfactory. The aim of this study was to determine the capacity of NHL to produce MCP-1, chemokine that induces chemotaxis of macrophages and lymphoid cells. The mRNA expression and protein MCP-1 expression were determined in the samples of 20 patients with NHL and 8 reactive tonsils. MCP-1 mRNA was detected in 8/8 tonsils and in 19/20 patients with NHL by real-time PCR analysis. In addition, the amount of detected MCP-1 cDNA was significantly higher in patients with limited stage, good IPI, normal level of fibrinogen and LDH. Finally, in patients with aggressive NHL, the level of MCP-1 cDNA was higher than in indolent tumours. Immunohistochemical analysis revealed that majority of stromal elements such as macrophages, endothelial and smooth muscle cells in reactive as well as in neoplastic lymphoid tissue showed strong cytoplasmic MCP-1 expression. Moderate cytoplasmic MCP-1 expression was also observed in reactive lymphocytes, while tumour cells of indolent NHL were mostly pale in comparison with aggressive lymphomas which predominantly demonstrated intense MCP-1 staining. These intriguing preliminary results emphasize the need for further investigations that must be conducted on the representative sample with concordant measurement of serum MCP-1 level.

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062-0620095-0079 - Uloga kemokina u patogenezi multiplog mijeloma (Toni Valković, )
062-1081872-0091 - Angiogeneza u agresivnih ne-Hodgkinovih limfoma (Antica Duletić-Načinović, )

Medicinski fakultet, Rijeka

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