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Side-effects of generic

Ružić, Klementina; Medved, Paola; Dadić-Hero, Elizabeta; Graovac, Mirjana; Tatalović-Vorkapić, Sanja; Rončević Gržeta, Ika
Side-effects of generic // Psychiatria Danubina, 22 (2010), 1; 99-101 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Side-effects of generic

Ružić, Klementina ; Medved, Paola ; Dadić-Hero, Elizabeta ; Graovac, Mirjana ; Tatalović-Vorkapić, Sanja ; Rončević Gržeta, Ika

Psychiatria Danubina (0353-5053) 22 (2010), 1; 99-101

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Psychotic depression; risperidone; generics

New trends in medicine which are much more oriented towards pharmacoeconomy, are ever so common these days. There's an aim within the focus of the health system which is cutting down treatment expenses, and that relates to psychiatry practice too. Prescription drugs issued by specialist doctors are allowed to be switched with cheaper ones of the same group of drugs by GP doctors, with an aim of cost reduction. „Instead of the medicament prescribed, a GP doctor is allowed to prescribe an alternative medicament of the same efficacy in the dosage of an adequate strength“ (taken from the specialist medical report form). A 74 years old man is treated for psychotic depression. Exogenic environmental factors caused the symptoms manifestation due to which hospitalization in a psychiatric ward occurred in two incidences. At the risperidone introduction soon after the second hospitalization event, a long term remission was obtained which lasted for several years. Despite a stable dose of psychopharmacs, new episode of the illness occurred. Researching the potential factors which lead towards the aggravation of the course of the illness disclosed that instead of the original risperidone, the pharmacist issued a generic in an equivalent dose.

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