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Nonlinear Time-dependent Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Shells

Radnić, Jure; Matešan, Domagoj
Nonlinear Time-dependent Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Shells // Abstract book ACE-X 2009
Rome, Italy, 2009. str. 165-165 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Nonlinear Time-dependent Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Shells

Radnić, Jure ; Matešan, Domagoj

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Abstract book ACE-X 2009 / - , 2009, 165-165

3nd International Conference on Advanced Computational Engineering and Experimenting

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Rome, Italy, 22-23.06.2009

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Prestressed concrete shell; Numerical model; Long-term load; Short term load; Creep; Shrinkage

The model for the numerical analysis of prestressed concrete plates and shells under the short‐term and long‐term static loads was presented. The material and geometric structure nonlinearities were modelled. It is possible to simulate the dominant nonlinear effects of concrete: the creep, shrinkage, aging, the development of cracks in tension and yielding in compression, as well as the changes in the tensile and shear stiffness of cracked concrete. Reinforcing steel is modelled as a separate layer with anisotropic material properties, with a possibility to transfer the stresses in the reinforcement bars direction only. Prestressing tendon is simulated by 1‐D curved finite element embedded in the shells finite element. The numerical procedures, which describe the prestressing contributions and time‐dependent analyses, are discussed. The numerical model simulates the prestressing losses that occur during and after the prestressing. A distinction has to be made between pre‐tensioned and post‐tensioned structures, in order to take into consideration the immediate prestressing losses. The numerical model is verified by results of the experimentally tested prestressed concrete shells (see Fig.1).

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083-0000000-1538 - Eksperimentalna i numerička istraživanja potresne otpornosti građevina (Jure Radnić, )

Fakultet građevinarstva, arhitekture i geodezije, Split