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Gridded Croatian climatology for 1961-1990

Perčec Tadić, Melita
Gridded Croatian climatology for 1961-1990 // Theoretical and applied climatology, 102 (2010), 1-2; 87-103 doi:10.1007/s00704-009-0237-3 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Gridded Croatian climatology for 1961-1990

Perčec Tadić, Melita

Theoretical and applied climatology (0177-798X) 102 (2010), 1-2; 87-103

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In climatology, one of the most important pieces of information about the climate of a place or a region is information about the Climatological Normals (CLINO) — the average values of meteorological elements for a 30-year period. This kind of information usually comes in tables and is available for different observation sites from national meteorological services or from World Meteorological Organisation publications. The key issue, then, becomes how to interpolate these values over the entire area of interest to get reliable and accurate estimates (maps) of climatic elements. Here, the regression kriging framework has been applied for mapping of 20 climatological parameters for the 1961–1990 period for the 56, 594 km2 of Croatian territory, with a resolution of 1 km. In total, 152 main and climatological and 567 precipitation-measuring stations have been used in the analysis. Extensive pre-processing of metadata on station co-ordinates has been done, as well as completion of missing monthly averages. The final results are 20 climatological maps available in high resolution together with error maps and accuracy assessment measures.

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Melita Perčec Tadić, (324825)

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