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Sedimentation of deep-water turbidites in main and marginal basins in the SW part of the Pannonian Basin

Vrbanac, Boris; Velić, Josipa; Malvić, Tomislav
Sedimentation of deep-water turbidites in main and marginal basins in the SW part of the Pannonian Basin // Geologica Carpathica, 61 (2010), 1; 55-69 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Sedimentation of deep-water turbidites in main and marginal basins in the SW part of the Pannonian Basin

Vrbanac, Boris ; Velić, Josipa ; Malvić, Tomislav

Geologica Carpathica (1335-0552) 61 (2010), 1; 55-69

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Turbidites; deep water environment; Sava depression; Bjelovar subdepression; Croatia; Upper Pannonian

The Sava depression and the Bjelovar subdepression belong to the SW margin of the Pannonian Basin System, which was part of the Central Paratethys during the Pannonian period. Late Pannonian deposits of the Ivanic-Grad Formation in the Sava depression include several lithostratigraphic members such as Iva and Okoli Sandstone Member or their lateral equivalents, the Zagreb Member and Lipovac Marlstone Member. Their total thickness in the deepest part of the Sava depression reaches up to 800 meters, while it is 100-200 meters in the margins of the depression. Deposits in the depression are composed of 4 facies. In the period of turbiditic activities these facies are primarily sedimented as different sandstone bodies. In the Bjelovar subdepression, two lithostratigraphic members (lateral equivalent) were analyzed, the Zagreb Member and Okoli Sandstone Member. The thickness of the Bjelovar subdepression ranges from 50 meters along the S and SE margins to more than 350 meters along the E margin. Generally, detritus in the north- west part of the analyzed area originated from a single source, the Eastern Alps, as demonstrated by sedimentological and physical properties, the geometry of the sandstone body and the fossil content. This clastic material was found to be dispersed throughout the elongated and relatively narrow Sava depression and in the smaller Bjelovar subdepression. Sedimentation primarily occurred in up to 200 meter water depth and was strongly influenced by the sub-aqueous palaeorelief, which determined the direction of the flow of turbidity currents and sandstone body geometries. The main stream with medium- and fine- 2 grained material was separated by two independent turbiditic flows from N-NW to the SE-E. Variability in the thickness of sandstone bodies is the result of differences in subsidence and cycles of progradation and retrogradation of turbidite fans.

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195-1951293-0237 - Stratigrafska i geomatematička istraživanja naftnogeoloških sustava u Hrvatskoj (Josipa Velić, )
195-1951293-2703 - Neogenski kopneni okoliši Panonskog bazena i krških područja (Davor Pavelić, )

Rudarsko-geološko-naftni fakultet, Zagreb

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