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New source of water for settlements on Dugi otok (Croatia)

Zelenika, Mladen; Soldo, Božo; Trenc Neven
New source of water for settlements on Dugi otok (Croatia) // Rudarsko-geološko-naftni zbornik, 13 (2001), 39-45 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, stručni)

New source of water for settlements on Dugi otok (Croatia)

Zelenika, Mladen ; Soldo, Božo ; Trenc Neven

Rudarsko-geološko-naftni zbornik (0353-4529) 13 (2001); 39-45

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, stručni

Ključne riječi
Water supply; safe yield; pumping test; water-source

The water demand in Southern Croatia, where Dugi Otok is situated, is the highest during the summer due to tourism, irrigation requirements and intensive use of water by local dwellers and those in holiday-homes. The availability and cost of safe water there, varies greatly from one settlement to another. Some rural areas and many Adriatic islands remote from regional water-supply systems don't have sufficient safe water, and dwellers are forced to buy at a high price, water supplied by water carriers (truck-tanks and ship-tanks) during the long summer season. Therefore, a pilot water-supply project has been implemented at Dugi Otok island. The useful experience gained from this project can be applied in many other rural settlements in Southern Croatia and wider, after adequate surveying and analysis.

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