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Yield load solutions of heterogeneous welded joints

Kozak, Dražan; Gubeljak, Nenad; Konjatić, Pejo; Sertić, Josip
Yield load solutions of heterogeneous welded joints // International journal of pressure vessels and piping, 86 (2009), 807-812 doi:10.1016/j.ijpvp.2009.11.012 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Yield load solutions of heterogeneous welded joints

Kozak, Dražan ; Gubeljak, Nenad ; Konjatić, Pejo ; Sertić, Josip

International journal of pressure vessels and piping (0308-0161) 86 (2009); 807-812

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Heterogeneous welded joint; SE(B) specimen; yield load; finite element analysis

The aim of this paper is to establish yield load solutions when the materials inhomogeneity within the weld is present, which is usually the case in repair welding. The effect of yield strength mismatch of welded joints performed with different geometry on the yield load value has been investigated in the context of single edge notched fracture toughness specimen subjected to bending SE(B) using the finite element method. The crack was located in the center of the weld and the two most important geometrical parameters were identified as: crack length ratio a/W as well as slenderness of the welded joint, which were systematically varied. One practical and four additional combinations of filler mate- rials, with the same portion of overmatched part and undermatched part of the weld, were analyzed, and plane strain FE solutions for the case when the crack is located in the overmatched half of the heterogeneous weld were obtained.

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152-1201910-1909 - Analiza i procjena loma konstrukcija iz anizotropnih materijala (Dražan Kozak, )

Strojarski fakultet, Slavonski Brod

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