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Brucellosis in Croatia in 2008

Špičić, Silvio; Duvnjak, Sanja; Zdelar-Tuk, Maja; Račić, Ivana; Cvetnić, Željko
Brucellosis in Croatia in 2008 // Brucellosis in SEE and Mediterranean Region / Donev, Doncho M. (ur.).
Skopje: Institute of Social Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Ss Cyril and Methodius University, 2009. str. 42-42 (ostalo, nije recenziran, sažetak)

Brucellosis in Croatia in 2008

Špičić, Silvio ; Duvnjak, Sanja ; Zdelar-Tuk, Maja ; Račić, Ivana ; Cvetnić, Željko

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Brucellosis in SEE and Mediterranean Region / Donev, Doncho M. - Skopje : Institute of Social Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Ss Cyril and Methodius University, 2009, 42-42

Brucellosis in SEE and Mediterranean Region

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Struga, Makedonija, 12-14.11.2009

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Brucellosis; zoonoses; laboratory diagnosis; sheep; goats

From the year 1945 the Croatian Veterinary Institute in Zagreb is continually conducting brucellosis diagnosis on domestic animals. Because of its economic and zoonotic significance, mandatory brucellosis diagnosis on domestic animals is regulated by an annual order of suppression and eradication of infectious and parasitic diseases in Croatia. The order dictates mandatory, two times a year, serological blood examination of all male breeding animals, all cases of abortion must be reported and tested for brucellosis, and in large cattle and pig farms annually 20% of breeding animals have to be tested. In the laboratory, testing of human blood samples is also performed. Samples are delivered by health institutions or the patients themselves. In the year 2008 were thereby with Rose Bengal brucellosis test (B. melitensis, B. abortus, B. suis) examined 93991 animal blood samples and 542 human blood samples. By other methods (complement fixation test and various immunosorbent assays), additional 39709 blood samples were examined. 10173 ram blood samples were examined by complement fixation test (CFT) for the B. ovis infection, yielding 202 positive reactions. Bacteriological examination with molecular identification was conducted on 214 animal samples and 20 human hemocultures. Infection with B. melitensis was serologically confirmed in 370 sheep and goats in 2 counties (County of Karlovac and County of Split - Dalmatia), B. suis in 178 pigs in 3 counties (County of Krizevci-Krapina, County of Osijek-Baranja and County of Sisak-Moslavina) and B. ovis in 202 rams in 12 counties (County of Bjelovar-Bilogora, County of Brod-Posavina, County of Istra, County of Karlovac, County of Lika-Senj, County of Osijek-Baranja, County of Pozega-Slavonia, County of Primorsko-Goranska, County of Sisak-Moslavina, County of Virovitica-Podravina, County of Zadar, County of Zagreb).

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