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Cytogenetic studies of forest trees and shrub species

Cytogenetic studies of forest trees and shrub species, Zagreb: Croatian Forests : Faculty of Forestry, 1997 (monografija)

Cytogenetic studies of forest trees and shrub species

Borzan, Želimir ; Schlarbaum, Scott E.

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Croatian Forests : Faculty of Forestry





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Cytogenetics; forestry

The book contains 28 scientific papers, contributed by the members of the International Union of the Forestry Research Organizations, S2.04.08 Cytogenetics Working Party. Table of contents Introduction Preface Section 1 Chromosome and genome evolution 1 J. GREILHUBER: The problem of variable genome size in plants (with special reference to woody plants) 2 A. K. BUTORINA: Evolution of trees on the chromosome level 3 E. N. MURATOVA: Studies on nucleolar chromosomes in representatives of Pinaceae Lindl. Section 2 Chromosome structure, mapping and engineering 4 H. GUTTENBERGER: Use of computer image analysis in cytogenetic studies 5 S. JELENIĆ, S. STIPKO^VIĆ, S. JELASKA and D. PAPEŠ: Cytogenetic analysis of black pine transgenic roots 6 M. NAKAMURA and K. FUKUI: A chromosome-oriented approach to genome analysis in a woody plant - Sequoiadendron giganteum (Lindl.) Buchholz 7 D. PAPEŠ, S. JELENIĆ, M. CERBAH and S. Š. YAKOVLEV: Fluorescent chromosomal banding in Picea omorika and Picea abies 8 S. E. SCHLARBAUM, N. J. KNAUER and S. R. WANN: The isolation of chromosomes and the induction of micronuclei in Pinus taeda L. Section 3. Chromosome behavior and karyotypic variability 9 V. CESAR: The mitotic activity and the distribution of nuclei in vegetative budsof Norway spruce (Picea abies) in vitro and in vivo 10 N. KALASHNIK and N. STAROVA: Karyotype variability of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Ural mountain populations 11 O. V. MOCHALOVA: A cytogenetic study of Siberian plum plants and hybrids 12 E. N. MURATOVA: Cytogenetic study on Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in the Central Yakutia 13 L. S. MURAYA and A. P. TSAREV: Meiotic irregularities in microsporogenesis of different hybrid poplar clones 14 L. S. SANKIN and A. S. SANKINA: Hybridization and cytology in the genus Ribes L. 15 Y. TODA, K. NAGANO and M. NAKAMURA: Studies on the intraspecific variation in the karyotypes and nucleoli of selected coniferious species Section 4. Induced cytogenetic anomalies by environmental changes 16 J. BAVCON, B. DRUŠKOVIČ and N. GOGALA: Effects of increased ultraviolet radiation on mitosis in the Norway spruce 17 A. K. BUTORINA, N. E. KOSICHENKO, Y. N. ISAKOV and I. M. POZHIDAEVA: The effects of irradiation from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident on the cytogenetic behavior and anatomy of trees 18 B. DRUŠKOVIČ: Cytogenetic bioindication of air pollution in Slovenia, 1985 -1992 19 O. S. MASHKINA: The formation of unreduced pollen in Populus exposed to high temperature and chemical mutagens 20 K. MIČIETA and G. MURÍN: The use of Pinus sylvestris L. and Pinus nigraArnold as bioindicator species for environmental pollution 21 M. MÜLLER, A. GEISZINGER and D. GRILL: Effects of increased ozone on the somatic chromosomes of Norway spruce (Picea abies) trees 22 V. ZOLDOŠ, V. BESENDORFER, S. JELENIĆ, Z. LORKOVIĆ, T. LITTVAY and D. PAPEŠ: Cytogenetic damages as an indicator of pedunculate oak forest decline 23 G. V. ZUJEVA, L. G. BABUSHKINA and S. MAKHNIOVA: Chromosomal anomalies in Pinus sylvestris L. seeds germinated under polluted air conditions Section 5. Cytogenetics in tree improvement 24 Ž. BORZAN, V. ZOLDOŠ, A. KRSTINIĆ and D. PAPEŠ: Ploidy of some arborescent willow clones in relation to their production in field tests 25 A. KORMUTÁK: Cytological aspects of interspecific hybridization in true firs (Abies species) 26 A. I. SIVOLAPOV and T. A. BLAGODAROVA: Different levels of mixoploidy in hybrid poplars 27 A. KORMUTÁK and J. SALAJ: Crossability relationships among Pinus nigraArnold, P. thunbergiana Franco and P. tabuliformis Carr. 28 J. M. BONGA, P. VON ADERKAS and K. KLIMASZEWSKA: Cytology of in vitro cultured tissues of forest trees

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Šumarski fakultet, Zagreb


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Cytogenetic studies of forest trees and shrub species, Zagreb: Croatian Forests : Faculty of Forestry, 1997 (monografija)
Borzan, Ž. & Schlarbaum, S. (ur.) (1997) Cytogenetic studies of forest trees and shrub species. Zagreb, Croatian Forests : Faculty of Forestry.
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