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Maximum entropy algorithm with inexact upper entropy bound based on Fup basis functions with compact support

Gotovac, Hrvoje; Gotovac, Blaž
Maximum entropy algorithm with inexact upper entropy bound based on Fup basis functions with compact support // Journal of Computational Physics, 228 (2009), 24; 9079-9091 doi:10.1016/ (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Maximum entropy algorithm with inexact upper entropy bound based on Fup basis functions with compact support

Gotovac, Hrvoje ; Gotovac, Blaž

Journal of Computational Physics (0021-9991) 228 (2009), 24; 9079-9091

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Maximum entropy algorithm; Classic Moment Problem; Fup basis functions; Compact support

The maximum entropy (MaxEnt) principle is a versatile tool for statistical inference of the probability density function (pdf) from its moments as a least-biased estimation among all other possible pdf’ s. It maximizes Shannon entropy, satisfying the moment constraints. Thus, the MaxEnt algorithm transforms the original constrained optimization problem to the unconstrained dual optimization problem using Lagrangian multipliers. The Classic Moment Problem (CMP) uses algebraic power moments, causing typical conventional numerical methods to fail for higher-order moments (m > 5— 10) due to different sensitivities of Lagrangian multipliers and unbalanced nonlinearities. Classic MaxEnt algorithms overcome these difficulties by using orthogonal polynomials, which enable roughly the same sensitivity for all Lagrangian multipliers. In this paper, we employ an idea based on different principles, using Fupn basis functions with compact support, which can exactly describe algebraic polynomials, but only if the Fup order-n is greater than or equal to the polynomial’ s order. Our algorithm solves the CMP with respect to the moments of only low order Fup2 basis functions, finding a Fup2 optimal pdf with better balanced Lagrangian multipliers. The algorithm is numerically very efficient due to localized properties of Fup2 basis functions implying a weaker dependence between Lagrangian multipliers and faster convergence. Only consequences are an iterative scheme of the algorithm where power moments are a sum of Fup2 and residual moments and an inexact entropy upper bound. However, due to small residual moments, the algorithm converges very quickly as demonstrated on two continuous pdf examples – the beta distribution and a bi-modal pdf, and two discontinuous pdf examples – the step and double Dirac pdf. Finally, these pdf examples present that Fup MaxEnt algorithm yields smaller entropy value than classic MaxEnt algorithm, but differences are very small for all practical engineering purposes.

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083-0831529-1528 - Pronos zagađenja u podzemlju i procjena rizika kao posljedica odlaganja otpada (Roko Andričević, )
083-0831541-1534 - Adaptivno bezmrežno modeliranje u projektiranju građevinskih konstrukcija (Vedrana Kozulić, )

Fakultet građevinarstva, arhitekture i geodezije, Split

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