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Animals and Folklore and/or Zooanthropology

Zaradija Kiš, Antonija
Animals and Folklore and/or Zooanthropology // Kam bi s to folkloro? / What to Do with Folklore?
Ljubljana, Slovenija, 2009. (pozvano predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, pp prezentacija, znanstveni)

Animals and Folklore and/or Zooanthropology

Zaradija Kiš, Antonija

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Sažeci sa skupova, pp prezentacija, znanstveni

Kam bi s to folkloro? / What to Do with Folklore?

Mjesto i datum
Ljubljana, Slovenija, 24.-29.-09. 2009

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Pozvano predavanje

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Međunarodna recenzija

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Životinje; folklor; Zooantropologija
(Animals; Folklore; Zooanthropology)

Culturo-animalistic themes in social and humanistic disciplines found their concrete reflection as early as in 1975 with the scientific conference on ethnozoology L'homme et l'animal, organised by Raymond Pujol. The importance of the idea of the Humankind/Animal relation and its emphasised social and humanistic intimacy were evident in the printing of both studies in the corresponding journals and also in books from that field (J.R. Porter and W.M.S. Russell, eds. Animals in Folklore, Cambridge, 1978 ; Jacques Voisenet: Bestiaire chrétien. L’ imagerie animale des auteurs du haut Moyen Âge (Ve-XIe siè ; cle), Toulouse 1994), and in the setting up of culturo-animalistic web-forums, the best-known of which is Nature in Legend and Story (H-NILAS,, founded by Boria Sax and Noel Ortega. The Animals and Folklore and/or Zooanthropology Panel would present selected trends in culturo-animalistic research on the basis of three papers related to the issues of genre (folktales about animals), beliefs (the role of animals in notions connected with death and the afterlife in Croatian ethnographic material), and theoretical examination of demands for shaping an anthropology of animals.

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189-0000000-3626 - Kulturna animalistika: knjiž., folklor., etnološki i kulturnoantropol. prilozi (Antonija Zaradija-Kiš, )

Institut za etnologiju i folkloristiku, Zagreb

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Antonija Zaradija-Kiš, (89025)