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Brdar, Mario; Omazić, Marija; Pavičić Takač, Višnja
Introduction, 2009. (popularan rad).


Brdar, Mario ; Omazić, Marija ; Pavičić Takač, Višnja

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Ostale vrste radova, popularan rad


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Cognitive linguistics; English; metaphor; metonymy; polysemy; figurative language< iconicity; grammatical constructions; conceptual blending

Thhis is an introduction to the volume that contains a selection of papers that read at the conference entitled Cognitive Approaches to English, an international event organized to mark the 30th anniversary of English studies at the Faculty of Philosophy (Josip Juraj Strossmayer University, Osijek), which was held in Osijek on October 18-19, 2007. The participants were invited to discuss issues in cognitive accounts of English, ranging from fundamental to methodological to interdisciplinary and applied ones. The volume is accordingly divided into four parts. Part 1, Motivation in grammar, deals with various phenomena in the grammar of English in the broadest sense of the term, all of which are shown to be motivated by metaphorical and/or metonymic operations. Part 2, Constructing meaning (between grammar and lexicon), carries five chapters dealing with phenomena ranging from various peculiarities of form-meaning pairings (such as synonymy, polysemy, and figurative meanings) to concept formation. The four chapters that make up Part III are concerned with the phenomenon of interlinguistic and intercultural variation in the use of metaphorical and metonymic processes. The volume is rounded off by Part IV, with its three papers attempting to reconsider some TEFL issues from a cognitive linguistic point of view.

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122-1301049-0606 - Kognitivno lingvistički pristup polisemiji u hrvatskome i drugim jezicima (Mario Brdar, )

Filozofski fakultet, Osijek